Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Audio Ad? You’ll Need Music

Despite its impact on advertising, music often finds its place in discussions about marketing or as a last-minute addition. However, recent successes among younger audiences show that the music bed or brand can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign.

As explained by Songtradr’s Senior Data Analyst and International researcher Alex Kintzer in AdvertisingWeek, Music plays a vital role in branding. It transforms silent ads into memorable melodies that stay in the consumer’s mind long after the commercial is played.

The subjective nature of music makes assessing its value difficult, which is why it receives a modest allocation in marketing budgets. This is despite evidence suggesting music can improve advertisements’ effectiveness by as much as 30 per cent.

Kintzer mentions that Nissan’s use of music data to create an advertising campaign aimed at Lofi fans for their electric vehicle, the Nissan Ariya, increased the number of searches. In the same way, the sonic signature of TikTok has rapidly grown into among the top well-known brands, especially among Gen Z people.

Academic research also supports the benefits of sonic branding. It has been proven that sonic branding can help create positive brand experiences in the most challenging situations. This is an argument to integrate the use of music in marketing plans right from the very beginning. With the help of data and research, marketers can make bold decisions that will improve their campaigns and help create lasting bonds with their target audience.

Technology advancements and sophisticated data analysis are transforming the story, allowing brands to make educated choices about music selections that appeal to their demographics.


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