Ad Results Media Unveils ARM PRO, Cutting-Edge Audience Buying Solution for Audio Advertising

This morning, Ad Results Media (ARM), an experienced audio company with more than twenty-five years of experience in empowering agencies and brands to increase the performance of their channels and increase sales with the power of sound and video, unveiled its latest technology platform called ARMPRO which is the central hub for a range of custom audio solutions specifically designed to the needs of companies. In a series of forthcoming announcements, ARM PRO debuts its very first tool, ARM PRO: Audience, a custom consumer buying platform that helps brands identify their ideal customers through a human-tested, appropriate set of media environments, which includes podcasts, streaming audio, and other types of. By utilizing direct and programmatic strategies ARM PRO: Audit reduces wasted impressions and helps to engage the audience in their normal listening behaviors.

“We developed ARM PRO because we believe podcasting should be accessible to all brands, no matter their budgets, audience needs, or KPIs,” stated Kurt Kaufer, founder and chief of growth of ARM. “We created an audience-buying division that includes a team of programmatic-specific traders to bring custom solutions to brands and forage better direct deals for our clients. By advancing our audience buying capabilities, including our capabilities for trading programmatically, We’re ideally placed to maximize what we call the five Rs of audio: the reach, resonance, relevancy, as well as ROI and response.”

Programmatic is among the fastest-growing segments in podcast advertising. Based on the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) 2023 U.S. Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, the percentage of programmatic revenue from podcasts has increased by 5x from 2021. Audience: ARM PRO reduces risk for companies’ initial experiments in the realm of podcasts through an audience-first, transparent plan that not only helps and monetizes creators but also provides results more quickly than a traditional direct purchase. The key benefits of ARM Pro Audience are:

  • Exclusive media rates: Get access to ARM’s exclusive preferred rates for media together with top audio publishers via an easier supply chain, which includes private marketplaces and VAST-based technology thereby lowering the ad tech tax.
  • Custom targeting Access to ARM’s first-party and third-party targeting options, which include contextual, demographic and show-level targeting, to get a message in front of the most relevant audience in a secure, suitable, and appropriate for the brand.
  • Maximized reach: Increase the reach of your target audience using the ARM’s customized reaching and frequency-optimization platform. Transform audio programmatically into an all-time reach vehicle, just as brands use for other channels such as video, display and social media.
  • Incredibly transparent: Gain a uniform-level view of the performance of ads, including the frequency of advertisements across all campaigns.
  • Access to specialized services: Connect with the ARM team of the industry’s best audio strategists, creatives and media planners dedicated to ensuring your message is heard – and results.
  • Simpler purchases: Run campaigns across the whole range of the available inventory, including the most popular shows across several networks in one purchase. No direct deal management is required.

Brands already harnessing the power of ARM PRO, including Indochino, Grammarly, and Chime, are witnessing remarkable results. ARM implemented automated audio testing for a top retailer, which focuses on the top-performing interests from paid search and social media campaigns as well as specific segments of the direct audience, which resulted in:

  • 47% more visits to the site
  • 39 per cent lower cost per order (CPO)
  • 24% more return on ad spending (ROAS)

“Podcasting has proven to be a successful direct response tool and revenue driver for hundreds of brands that make it a core part of their marketing mix,” said Gretchen Smith, director of media at ARM. “There are a variety of elements that make up synergistic partnerships. The ARM PRO: Audience platform provides the validity of a partnership before making bigger commitments to partnerships. As more podcasts explore the idea of selling ads through programmatically, advertisers get the opportunity to try shows and gain vital prior insights that affect the effectiveness of their shows. This is a win-win situation for brands and hosts alike The hosts can can attract more advertisers, while brands can reach more specific audiences and all inventory is made monetizable.”

ARM is preparing to release additional tools within its ARM PRO suite over the coming months, further enhancing its status as a leading audio agency. For more details about ARM or to know more information about ARM PRO, go to

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