New Audio Advertising Study Finds Personalized AI-Generated Ads Are 22% More Effective at Increasing Brand Favorability.

The study was conducted by Veritonic. It examined how a dense-based campaign delivered to Intel(r) Evo(tm) version laptops could be affected by the Instreamatic voice AI technology.

BOCA RATON, Fla. 6 March 2024 (GLOBE newswire) -Instreamatic Instreamatic, a company that provides cutting-edge solutions for audio and voice marketing to help brands better communicate with their consumers, today released the results of research conducted by third parties that examined the effectiveness of both customized and generic AI-generated audio advertisements compared to a group that was not exposed to either. The Audio Research and Analytics software Veritonic conducted the study based on a campaign run in partnership with Dentsu to Intel.

The campaign’s audio ads focused on the performance-oriented Intel(r) Evo(tm) Edition laptop brand and assessed the brand’s awareness, favorability, purchase intention, and recall. The study surveyed three audiences: one exposed to listener-personalized AI-generated audio ads, one to generic AI-generated audio ads, and a control group not exposed to ads. The ads were placed in audio streaming and podcast listening environments. The same people who saw the ads were revisited and surveyed for 48 hours to assess the most essential brand metrics.

Veritonic’s study findings indicate that consumers are ready for audio ads generated by AI, including both generic and personal AI ads that outperform the groups that were in control. Audio ads that were personalized, contextually driven creative were also significantly better than those that used generic creative. The quantitative conclusions of the study are:

  • Personalized ads boosted brand loyalty by an astounding 18-22 percentage points. Meanwhile, the generic AI-generated content increased the brand’s favorability by 9% over the non-targeted audience. The campaign, AI-generated personalized creative across all platforms, resulted in significant brand favorability gains that reached as high as 22 points. Furthermore, 62% of the people exposed to ads with personalisation found that they were more likely to feel optimistic about the brand’s personalisation of its message.
  • Personalised ads increased purchase intent by 15-18%, compared to generic AI creatives, which led to a 3% increase. In addition, 60% of people who saw the customized AI campaign said they were more likely to buy from a brand that has customized advertisements.
  • Hearing personalized advertisements enhanced brand awareness by 6 to 12 percentage points. In addition, 73% of those listening to AI-generated personalized ads were likelier to listen to ads explicitly designed for them.


Instreamatic’s AI-powered technology for audio ads offers the ability to create voice AI capabilities that enable companies and brands to develop whole campaigns — including thousands of customized and innovative ad variations — from just a single sound sample, script and voice. Instreamatic’s platform recognizes specific parameters to the listener’s context, allowing audio ads with context to feature specific hyper-personal details. For instance, ads may include the location of the listener as well as the time of day, the current activity (such as listening to podcasts) and the application or platform they’re using for their specific activity. The ads that AI personalizes can include the closest store and the address where customers can redeem coupons, offers to track performance and other information.

The study also demonstrates that AI can be used strategically to produce better results for campaigns in a fraction of the costs and time required by traditional audio advertisements. A conventional audio campaign would require enormous studio costs and up to 4 to 6 weeks to create. Instreamatic’s platform can create the exact ad in only three minutes. In a scenario where recording thousands of ad variations that are personalized and relevant for each listener would require months of vocal work and would be nearly impossible to implement, Instreamatic can prepare entire campaigns in just a few hours.


“The top-line takeaway from this audio ad campaign study is that AI-generated ads work–and personalized AI-generated ads work even better,” said Carolyn Henry, Intel Vice President Americas Regional Marketing. “With Dentsu, we quickly began an audio-based advertising campaign that was personalized in a way that attracted more attention and favourable response from our intended public. Cost and time efficiency in producing this campaign was important because we could develop, deploy and then repeat personalized ads generated by AI without recording multiple ad variations.”

“Consumers want brands to speak to them as individuals,” said Amy Siegel, VP of Innovation at Dentsu. “It’s significant when brands can go the extra mile to be different by offering memorable and unique interactions. Instreamatic’s technology allows brands to have the ability to speak. According to the study, the effects of personalised AI-generated ads on brand recognition, favorability and purchasing intent could be significant.”

“The Veritonic study confirms that audiences are much more receptive to engagement efforts–including those built intelligently and respectfully with AI–that value them as individuals and speak to their specific lives and needs,” said Stas Tushinskiy, the CEO of Instreamatic. “We’re proud of our work with Intel and Dentsu and look forward to enabling more brands to usher in this new era of more personal and effective audio advertising.”

“We are proud to provide Instreamatic, Dentsu, and Intel with insightful and actionable data that underscored the power of personalized audio ads,” said Scott Simonelli, CEO and founder of Veritonic. “Brands are today constantly trying to stand out from the noise across many media. When they create relevant, personal advertisements, the message of their ads will not only reach but resonate with their intended audiences, resulting in a rise in brand recognition and engagement.”

About Instreamatic

Instreamatic provides audio-based marketing and advertising solutions that give brands a competitive advantage. Instreamatic’s innovative and flexible solutions are designed to stand out from the noise of traditional marketing campaigns and provide unique and memorable brand-consumer experiences. Companies like Oracle, Mercedes, IKEA, and HP trust the company. Instreamatic’s technology has been designed to make people feel engaged using the latest audio and voice campaigns. Instreamatic is headquartered located in Boca Raton, Florida.


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