AI Audio Ads Raise Brand Favorability In Veritonic Study

With consumers’ growing concern regarding the role that artificial intelligence can play in our media and society, will an AI-generated audio commercial outdo the connectivity of human creation? The results of a research study based on an audio advertisement to promote Intel might have the answer.

Instreamatic and Veritonic released the study, which was conducted for an Intel campaign created by Densu that focused specifically on Intel’s Intel Evo Edition laptop model. The study examined the effects of both personalized and generic AI-generated music ads on the brand’s metrics, such as perception, popularity, and purchasing intent.

The study separated the audience into three categories: those exposed to customized AI-generated advertisements, those who saw generic AI ads, and a third group of people who listened to generic AI ads. Results revealed a clear advantage of AI-generated advertisements, which have a personal touch that significantly outperforms generic ads in terms of brand favorability and buying intention.

Additionally, personalised ads resulted in an 18-22 percentage points increase in brand popularity and 15-18 percentage points in intent to purchase, demonstrating the effectiveness of personalized messages.

Instreamatic’s technology uses voice AI to create many advertising variations using one voice sample and script, allowing hyper-personalized advertisements that include specific information about the listener, such as their location, time of day, and current activities.

This degree of personalization drew more attention and enhanced the chances of a favourable perception and appreciation of the brand.

Intel Vice President, Regional Marketing, Americas Carolyn Henry said, “The top-line takeaway from this study of audio ads is that AI-generated ads are effective — and personalized AI-generated ads are even more effective. With Dentsu, Densu, we swiftly started an audio ad program that was unique in its personalization and snagged greater attention and a favourable response from the target public. Efficiency in time and money creating this campaign was important because we could develop, deploy, and repeat the same AI-generated ads without recording multiple ad variations.”

Veritonic Chief Executive Officer Scott Simonelli said, “We are delighted to supply Instreamatic, Dentsu, and Intel with actionable and relevant data demonstrating personalised audio ads’ value. Companies today are continually faced with the challenge of cutting through the noise of various media. By creating relevant, personalized advertisements, they will not only be heard but also resonate with the target audience, which will result in a rise in brand awareness and engagement quality.

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