DMS, along with the Audiomob event, boosts the advantages of in-game Audio ads

This past Thursday, DMS organized a post-sunset panel discussion to explore the growing popularity and advantages of audio advertising with its partners Audiomob—a destination for in-game audio ads within the region—and the regional music streaming app Anghami.

The event hosted 170 media and advertising experts, DMS, and CG staff. The attendees were able to connect and discuss potential opportunities.

The panel discussion followed a lively rooftop party that included cocktails, pizza cooked on wood and music.

Summary of the panel discussion at Audiomob: “The rise of digital audio globally.”

The panel, led by DMS’s Associate Sales Director Carl Chalhoub, focused on the growth of digital audio worldwide and its impact on the region.

The panel discussion featured knowledgeable perspectives and expert insights from customers Alaa Alsweileh, Director of Digital Marketing at Samsung Gulf, and Zakaria Naciri, Audio Lead at Precision and Precision. They offered their opinions about the format and added to viewers’ knowledge about the benefits of digital audio and its role within the media mix.

In addition to providing further information on the subject, Ramy Al-Kadhi, Director of Commercials at Anghami, and Wilfrid Obeng, Co-founder and CTO at Audiomob, discussed the latest technology and initiatives both companies have launched, as well as the areas that they believe will benefit the most from advancements.

They also discussed the rising interest in digital audio ads for advertisers from the region. They talked about the measures being taken to promote the usage of digital audio and encourage it as a standard format to the satisfaction of agencies and advertisers.

“Events like Let’s Get Loud have become crucial discussions in the business for us. Collaboration with DMS and with Choueiri Group for this event provided a fantastic chance for us to share our message about a better advertising ecosystem within a global region that consistently exceeds our growth expectations.

“Seeing so many experts come together from across the industry only helped cement digital audio’s place in the advertising industry and within omnichannel digital strategies,” said Wilfrid Obeng, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Audiomob.


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