Help to drive the next wave of growth in games by introducing new ads.

How can we increase creativity, increase revenue sources, and make data-driven choices to sustain growth?

Each year, the gaming industry stays ahead of the game through the use of new growth and technology strategies. Today, at the Google for Games 2024 Developer Summit, we’ll be discussing how our most recent ad solutions and tools can help mobile app developers increase the creativity of their teams, boost revenue, and make informed decisions.

It is easy to scale and test your ideas.

Asset selection is essential for the success of a campaign. It can be a significant obstacle for app advertisers who want to create campaigns that span multiple channels. You can now choose new assets to add to the App campaign with just a few clicks, using text and image suggestions generated through Google AI. Headlines, descriptions, or image suggestions from your site, the Google Play store, asset libraries, and stock photos will be available for you to look over and incorporate into your campaign while it is being constructed. Images and suggestions for app campaigns are accessible today, and text suggestions are being tested in beta.

The next step is to experiment with new variations of your favourite creatives for effectiveness. We’ve just introduced Uplift Experiments to test App ads to assist you in testing your video content’s effectiveness across the three confidence intervals – 80 percent, 85 percent, 95%, and 80% so you can pick between speed and the accuracy of the results. The Uplift Experiments come with a health check to help you set up an effective setup.

Diversify revenue streams and increase the game’s engagement.

This year, we announced our targets for return on advertising spend (tROAS) that can be used as an alternative to monetization. This valued-based intelligent bidding method uses AI to identify the most likely to generate revenue through various techniques such as the purchase in-app, ads revenue, or a combination of both.

Moreover, the mobile game developer behind the hit ‘Eatventure’ game, which was a huge success, successfully expanded the tROAS platform to allow multi-faceted monetization across its game portfolio, resulting in impressive revenue results. By using this bid strategy, Lessmore could invest its advertising budget in finding the User that would earn the most money in the game through advertisements or in-app transactions. After experimenting with tROAS to test the hybrid method of monetization, Lessmore realized that it was not only an entirely new segment of users but also realized three times more revenue per User.

Other features of the App campaign to assist you in driving players to increase their numbers include:

  • Automated App campaigns to increase participation (ACe) setup: Create your next ACe campaign using suggestions for inputs and up-to-date scenarios like lapsed customers and users who’ve never previously purchased or haven’t received push notifications in the past seven days.
  • Reach out to users that have been uninstalled (beta). Return the players you’ve lost to your game using this Play uninstallers list from the box, or design your custom list of uninstallers.

Deliver tailored, immersive ad experiences.

We’re also introducing an array of improvements for our AdMob mediation platform to increase revenue impact for app developers. First, we’ll be making new real-time bidding buyers accessible within AdMob. Unity Ads Network and ironSource Ads will soon be able to bid on the inventory of publishers available through AdMob.

We’ll also launch an updated mediation toolkit to help you optimize your advertising. For publishers using a hybrid approach to monetization, AdMob’s segmentation feature will allow you to customize your ad experience according to different user behaviors. For behaviors, you can customize mediation settings, like price floors, to ensure you optimize ads that are less likely to pay for in-app content. For publishers who test multiple mediation options, AdMob’s new A/B testing tool can deliver results in a matter of days, as well as the reporting of metrics and visuals. AdMob mediator segmentation and better A/B testing will soon be available in beta.

Alongside a successful mediation strategy, a more effective advertising experience can result in more player engagement and lifetime value. With the advent of immersive game ads, publishers can reimagine the experience of ads in games and present an ad seamlessly integrated into the game’s environment. It can be used across various game genres and offers plenty of opportunities to place ads, including breaks during intermission, progression of levels, and much more.

Immersive in-game advertisements are now available via AdMob as a closed beta. Developers such as APPS, NewStory, Supercent, and Unico Studio are actively experimenting with this brand-new ad format within their games.

Track success using privacy-focused solutions

As we traverse the ever-changing privacy landscape, we encourage advertisers to invest in privacy-focused measurement tools that will yield outcomes. Therefore, We’re creating geo-based, controlled tests to quantify the ROI for the advertisers’ iOS or Android app campaigns. This feature is available to campaigns targeted at specific countries.

While we offer new and innovative advertising solutions, we hope you’re inspired to broaden the scope and options of your advertising campaigns and monetization strategies. Take a look at our entire advertising keynote to learn more about these growth strategies.


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