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There’s hope for any self-proclaimed ‘alpha male’ who hopes to become Joe Rogan with an endless broadcast of his voice and for those who can speak with the podcast’s advertising revenue generating an excellent year.

The ARN’s iHeart, as well as Magellan AI, have revealed the top 15 advertisers in the field of podcasting in the 2nd quarter of 2023, with Amazon at the top of the list, and has shown plenty to be made. The total amount spent in June grew 64 percent over the same period in 2022. All genres of podcasting were able to see increased advertising.

“Podcasts are the fastest-growing mass media with brands taking advantage of its high engagement levels to reach out to audiences in an intimate and more entertaining method,” says Corey Layton, the head of ARN’s digital audio.

“The rise in Australian podcast marketing spending of 64 percent is a convincing shift to an equally diverse and effective medium.”

The top 15 podcast advertisers in Australia from April to June time frame are:

  • Amazon
  • McDonald’s
  • nib Group
  • L’Oreal
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Uber
  • Telstra
  • Flight Centre
  • Wise
  • Bupa
  • Hydro Tasmania
  • Vodafone
  • Flutter Entertainment
  • Cash rewards, and
  • Peloton.

Changes in the media landscape advertising

The increase in revenue from podcast advertising might indicate that the media sector is in a good situation; despite the harsh world economy, other media are struggling.

In March, News Corp announced a massive drop in global earnings, with the year’s profits falling by 75 percent. It was just USD187 million, compared to US$760 million for the previous financial year.

According to ThinkTV, the television advertising market that includes regional and metropolitan free-to-air broadcasts and Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD) declined 7.9 percent yearly, with an income of $3.6 billion.

To learn more about the rising media of advertising, look at OMA’s impressive quarter-end results.

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