New Targeting Finds Radio Builds Strong Film Audiences

Hollywood is using a new strategy to determine the number of moviegoers likely to watch a particular film in theatres. This method reveals that AM/FM radio can be an effective platform for launching theatrical films. The latest edition of the Cumulus Media Westwood One Audio Active Group blog analyzes the data from Screen Engine/ASI’s Engine (which employs a novel method of establishing audiences long before the film’s premiere). It discusses how movie studios could utilize AM/FM radio to introduce movies in theatres.


  • Screen Engine/ASI’s Audit Engine develops an audience-targeted film, which can be used to digitally target audiences through Distillery, one of the top custom-built audience platforms.


  • Audience Engine creates audiences focusing on moviegoers in a particular film’s title on the over-the-air AM/FM radio.


  • Radio listeners on AM/FM are 16 per cent more optimistic than the general public about The Expendables 4 and +15 per cent more likely to watch the film in the theatre.


  • Classical/Oldies Hits, Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Rock, Top 40, and News/Talk are just a few AM/FM radio programming options with the largest reach of viewers who will go to The Expendables 4 in theatres.


  • A large study by MARU/Matchbox of moviegoers has revealed that audio is the most popular advertising-supported reach platform. Audio listeners who are heavy audio users are likelier to view movies at the cinema, particularly on opening weekends.


  • Although audio listeners are huge moviegoers, there’s an opportunity missed in promoting films using these media. The shift of 20 per cent of linear TV budgets for marketing to AM/FM radio can increase the reach of campaigns.


  • The ideal audio mix for film media plans is 58% AM/FM radio, 27 per cent podcasts, 10 per cent Spotify/Pandora and 4% Sirius/XM. The data is derived from Edison’s “Share of Ear” study of ad-supported audio shares for 18-49.


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