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Podcasting, a once-in-a-lifetime medium for those who love it, has evolved into an industry thriving with millions of listeners worldwide. The audio genre has changed and opened the door to a new generation of storytelling.

Like any other growing industry, it requires creative methods and visionary leaders to succeed. Apoorva Mishra is the Senior Product Manager of ART19, an enterprise-level podcast hosting and monetization platform acquired from Amazon Music in 2021. is on the cutting edge of this development, using his technological expertise as well as business acumen to make an impact on the field of podcasts.


In his position at ART19, Mishra is the single person to contact regarding requirements for product development for two business divisions. He is the sole person responsible for establishing the product’s vision by analyzing the needs of customers by conducting research, capturing the requirements, and promoting the idea to external and internal parties through cross-functional partnerships, efficient project management, and then creating features that are the primary revenue source for ART19. One of his clients is Wondery (acquired from Amazon for around $300 million in 2020), The largest podcasting platform in the US, and other podcast advertising networks.

“Podcasting is changing, and not only a handful of individuals control it. More people can make and sell their content, and we’re just beginning to get started,” said Mishra.


A Fusion of Technology, Creativity, and Strategy

Mishra’s philosophy isn’t about integrating technology into the creation process but instead integrating it seamlessly. He believes in the fusion of technology and creativity. This is something Mishra believes is unique in the past of podcasting. The idea is to utilize technological advancements to help creators improve processes and develop new growth methods.


As a partner with ART19, Mishra has also prioritized making podcasts more profitable using creative strategies, particularly in direct and programmatic ad-buying products. His technologically driven systems aim to optimize digital marketing campaigns and find new revenue streams. He also caters to the most prominent networks, such as Wondery.


The podcast market is predicted to grow to $10 billion by 2023, and Mishra’s tactics are crucial in taking advantage of the growing demand. By utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, Mishra responds to industry patterns and then develops the market.

The Global Perspective

His extensive experience as an international leader working in India, Africa, and the USA gives a unique international perspective on his plans. His diverse background has sharpened his ability to work with multi-cultural teams and infuse his strategies with a broader global perspective. The global perspective also influences his work with Financial Automation, where he has improved billing processes, cutting down on costs and minimizing the chance of mistakes.


Mishra’s work to empower podcasters, such as those like Wondery, has led to revenue growth. Through automatizing the operations of advertising and billing publishers, Mishra has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of podcasts advertising and audio advertisements.

But only some would be thrilled by the technology-driven method. Some critics, including those in the industry, have concerns about the danger of technology obscuring content, which is the core of every podcast. However, Mishra is adamant about the relationship of technology with content instead of a battle.


“The discussion isn’t about technology or content. The focus is on how technologies can improve the quality of content,” he says, discussing his outlook. His work as a director at ART19 and his technology-driven strategies are echoed across the industry of podcasts and promise to revolutionize podcasting and the broader intersection of technology and business.

In the pursuit of integrity and innovation, Mishra’s vision for the future is the future in which technology isn’t merely a tool but an innovative partner. This brand-new symphony combines the complicated dance of technology, business, and art.


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