What is AI and how will it change our lives?


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing our lives, from politics and education to health and art. The AI sector continues to grow rapidly. What does it mean? Are we optimistic or concerned about the future as technology continues to evolve? 

NPR Explains AI will answer your most urgent concerns about artificial intelligence:

  • What is AI? Artificial intelligence is a multi-billion dollar business. Many AI tools are now accessible to the general public. Users have been using applications to alter their images into real-life avatars. TV scripts, school papers and resumes are created by bots that sound similar to human voices. AI Scientist Gary Marcus says there is no standard description of artificial intelligence. It’s all about making intelligent machines.
  • Can it be controlled? As technology improves in faking reality, there are a lot of questions regarding regulation. The U.S. Congress has always been told in the law of the tech industry, and this is the same with the technological advancements that are taking place in AI.
  • Are there ways to let AI substitute for creativity? The AI tools that create artwork could allow users to create breathtaking pictures. The tools for language can create poetry using algorithms. AI is blurring the boundaries of what is considered an artist. Artists are asserting that AI models violate copyright law.
  • Does it have the same sense? This year the chatbot of Microsoft went off the rails. It expressed love to specific users. It accused people of being ugly. It broadcasts false information. The chatbot’s bizarre behaviour raised an intriguing question Do AI have the ability to discern the truth?
  • How can AI improve productivity? From hiring practices to the paperwork for medical insurance, Many big companies use AI to run their operations more quickly and effectively. However, it’s raising serious questions regarding equity and discrimination at work.
  • How can AI improve Voice over? AI can boost Voice over by providing realistic and natural-sounding voice synthesisers, making smooth dubbing, multi-lingual assistance, and personalised voice experiences. AI also helps automate post-production tasks, including noise reduction and editing audio, making the process more cost-effective and efficient.
  • How can we mitigate the risks of it? – Geoffrey Hinton, often referred to by his title of “godfather of AI,” worked for decades to advance artificial intelligence. In the present, he claims that the AI arms race between tech giants is an attempt to end the danger.

Source:- https://www.npr.org/2023/05/25/1177700852/ai-future-dangers-benefits

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