Spotify’s Podcasting Shakeup Continues
Photo Credit: Thibault Penin

After a series of cuts to its spoken word divisions as part of a more significant attempt to make podcasting profitable, Spotify is now employing the position of a”copy leader” to its podcast “copy director.”


The Stockholm-headquartered audio-entertainment platform disclosed its search for a podcast copy lead in a LinkedIn job posting. To give you an idea, Parcast, Gimlet, Megaphone, Chartable, The Ringer, Whooshkaa, and Podz owner Spotify has recently made billions of dollars on podcasts – including exclusive rights to shows such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Call Her Daddy, and many more.

While these costs have been reported to have helped Spotify surpass well-funded competitors like YouTube, SiriusXM, and Apple in the realm of podcasts, it has been working to streamline and cut expenses. One year before cutting around 6 per cent of its staff, for example, Spotify in early 2022 closed Studio 4. 

The month of October also saw the October of the same year’s cancellation of eleven original podcasts. Then Spotify shut down in 2022, cutting off a variety of broadcasts that live. The first five months of 2023, in particular, have seen numerous podcasting executives leave the company, as well as Spotify’s Heardle parent company, having also removed its live audio application, a standalone application.

With the fast-fire acquisition strategy re-evaluated while it continues to look at different methods to monetize podcasts,  Spotify is looking for a (remote) copywriter to “assume control for Spotify for Podcasters‘ brand voice Spotify podcasters’ brand, and then guide the execution of its strategy,” according to the first job advertisement.


With a potential salary of annual salary of $116,455 to $1663,364, The person hired will “take the initiative in the design of front-facing marketing collateral” and “build, maintain and constantly develop communication in accordance to the guidelines of the brand” per the description.

Other responsibilities of the copy lead include establishing “a coherent brand story across every point of contact with customers” and resolving issues with “multiple strategies to help educate Spotify about the passionate Podcaster community.” the posts show.

In the future, it’s worth keeping an eye on the direction of Spotify’s copy director and the company’s new hires for podcasting and pivots. Suppose you look at the uncertainty of the economic situation and Daniel Ek’s recent remarks concerning the overspending on content acquisitions and the especially unwise agreements that Spotify and its partners signed. In that case, the company will likely do much with less material expense in the coming months (and perhaps even in the coming years).

The market was closed today; Spotify stock (NYSE: SPOT) was worth $150.31 per share. That’s an improvement of just 0.1 per cent from the previous day and an 85 per cent increase from 2023’s beginning.



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