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Radiocentre and Campaign invite you to be a part of the selection process for the Audio Ad of the Year 2023. The final contenders, chosen by creative judges Helen Rhodes, Executive Creative Director at BBH London, and Raphael Basckin, Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London, are now awaiting your vote.


The Finalists

Three exceptional ads have risen to the top: Cadbury’s and VCCP, Quorn and Adam and Eve/DDB, and Smarty from The Gate. After a thorough selection process, these ads, selected from a pool of nearly 60 submissions, have earned their place in the final round.


Judging Criteria

Evaluation criteria included crafting (writing), imaginative execution, memorability, and resonance. The emphasis was on original and innovative advertisements that showcase the unique power of sound, particularly in the realm of radio advertising.

Radio and Broadcasting Trends in 2023:

This year marks a significant achievement in broadcasting and radio, with audience share against the BBC reaching unprecedented levels, and advertising revenue breaking records. Understanding the subtleties of top-notch audio advertising becomes increasingly crucial in this dynamic landscape.

How to Vote:

Listen to the nominated ads and cast your vote below before the deadline at 11:59 pm on the 30th. The winning ads will be prominently featured in the December issue of Campaign.

Insights from the Judges:

Both Helen Rhodes and Raphael Basckin share their perspectives on audio advertising, highlighting the medium’s unique strengths. Rhodes appreciates the succinct nature of audio, emphasizing the significance of writing and the creative freedom it affords. Basckin reflects on the power of constraints in radio, fueling creativity despite limitations.

Judges’ Opinions on the Ads:

Basckin praises Quorn’s humor, Smarty’s realistic portrayal of technology, and Cadbury’s confident storytelling. Rhodes echoes admiration for Quorn, applauds Cadbury’s simplicity and positive messaging, and values Smarty’s relatable perspective.


As you prepare to cast your vote, consider the judges’ insights and explore additional information about the entries provided at the bottom of the page. Each ad brings a unique flavor to the table, and your vote will play a pivotal role in determining the Audio Ad of the Year for 2023.

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