Streamline Audio Advertising: Frequence and Triton Join Forces for Seamless Campaigns

Introduction – Streamline Audio Advertising

In an exciting development, Frequence, a trailblazer in advertising automation, has just announced its integration with Triton Digital, a prominent player in audio streaming and podcast platforms. This collaboration is set to transform the landscape by providing a unified dashboard for media proposals, workflows, and analytics, offering a one-stop solution for audio-focused media businesses seeking to optimize their inventory and execute effective Omnichannel campaigns.

Simplified Ad Performance:

According to Matt Robles, VP of Product at Frequence, this integration holds immense value for the burgeoning realms of streaming audio and podcasting. It’s designed to empower audio providers, allowing them to not only maximize advertising revenue but also streamline their workflow efficiency. Triton users can now seamlessly navigate proposal creation, order submissions, and performance monitoring—all through Frequence’s user-friendly platform.

Empowering Account Executives:

The integration’s impact extends to account executives who can now effortlessly craft audio plans using Triton-supported channels. They can gather vital information for Triton Digital orders and manage order data within Triton through Frequence. This holistic approach also encompasses reporting Triton Digital’s campaign performance, offering a centralized hub for planning and executing media sales.

Triton’s Vision:

Benjamin Masse, Chief Product Officer of Triton Digital, sees this integration as part of their ongoing commitment to optimizing audio content for distribution and monetization. The collaboration with Frequence is seen as a strategic move to expand partnerships, recognizing audio’s pivotal role in the evolving omnichannel advertising landscape.

Enhanced User Experience with Frequence:

Frequence’s platform enhances user experience with a comprehensive array of features. Users can select targeted information based on geography, demographics, and preferences. Budget details can be communicated seamlessly, and omnichannel media plans can be developed leveraging Triton’s unique strengths. Frequence ensures that order details are organized and ready for a smooth launch into Triton, providing a seamless workflow.

Real-time Analytics and Future Prospects:

The collaboration brings real-time, detailed analytics into the hands of users, offering valuable insights into listener demographics, behaviour, and habits. Tom Cheli, CEO of Frequence, emphasizes that this integration opens up new avenues for local-market media companies and advertisers to harness the power of technology and automation, strengthening their businesses in the process.

In conclusion, the Frequence and Triton integration signals a significant leap forward in the world of audio advertising, promising both efficiency and a holistic solution and a powerful addition to omnichannel media campaigns.

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