Triton Digital Announces Integration With Amazon Publisher Services for Interactive Audio Ads


The company Triton Digital, the global technology and services pioneer in the audio and podcast industries, as well as the broadcast and broadcast radio industry, recently announced the integration of its services to Amazon Publisher Services (APS) providing access to high-quality audio inventory on a large scale to Amazon DSP advertisers. The integration enables Amazon Ads’ unique interactive audio advertisements on devices that Alexa enables to show across the shared APS and Triton Digital publishers, delivering an immersive advertising experience for listeners and a better monetization of inventory for publishers.

Audio-based interactive ads are a unique advertisement format developed by Amazon Ads that invites users to contact them for more information via push or email (“Alexa Send me more details”), Set reminders (“Alexa remind me”), or add items to their Amazon online shopping basket (“Alexa add items to my cart”) without ever having to leave the streaming audio they were listening to.

Triton Audio Marketplace Triton Audio Marketplace offers access to the biggest audience pools with over 1,00 billion audio impressions each month, allowing marketers and agencies to trade on any audio content a wide range of inventory, combined with Amazon Ads proprietary audience signals provided through Amazon DSP, helps advertisers create more powerful connections and publishers increase the monetization of their inventory using a modern, cutting-edge technology.

“Amazon has had a long-lasting impact in the advertising space, introducing new ad formats and delivery vehicles that have transformed the audio industry,” said John Rosso, President and CEO of Triton Digital. “We’re delighted that APS has invited Triton Digital technology to provide interactive audio ads to shared publishers and are confident in its enhancement of the listener experience.”

A recent study by Amazon Ads and Kantar found that audio streamers are 75% more likely to respond to an advertisement if it is voice-controlled. Kantar also found that interactivity audio ads exhibited higher attention (1.3x) and higher purchase intent (2.3x) than standard audio creatives.

“We’re excited for publishers that use Triton Digital and APS to make their quality content more easily available to advertisers using Amazon DSP,” said Steve Rabuchin, VP of Third-Party Supply at Amazon Ads. “We look forward to learning more about how audiences engage with interactive audio ads, enabling listeners to respond to advertisements without being distracted from the stream.”

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