84% of Americans Tune To Ad-Supported Audio Daily


Ad-Supported Audio – Following Edison Research’s recent report about how Americans aged 13 and over are still spending a quarter of their daytime time with radio, the organization has released more data that could potentially help advertisers advertise in the audio market concerning AM/FM reach.


Based on Share of Ear data, 84 per cent of Americans who are 13 or older listen to some kind of ad-supported audio. This is a broad category that covers a wide range of media, and AM/FM radio is the most popular. Additional audio options include podcasts, ads-based streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora, spoken-word channels on SiriusXM, and the free usage of YouTube for music videos.


The reach of ad-supported audio is impressively extended to the problematic 18-34-year-olds, with 82% of this age group in the US reaching them through ad-supported audio daily. This is in line with the often-questionable efficacy of audio ads in bringing younger audiences to the table.

If the window for observation is extended for one week or even a month, the reach of advertising-supported audio is likely to grow substantially, surpassing 90% of Americans.

Edison’s study reveals that with the vast amount of Americans listening to ads-supported audio every day, companies that want to reach a wider audience should seriously consider investing more in audio ads, especially for younger audiences. The platform uses AI to study a photo’s content and identify brands, slogan designs, styles, target markets, and many more to compose an imaginative brief. Based on the creative brief, the script for an advertisement is developed with music, voice, and sounds picked and then mixed with all of the elements within a few minutes.


“Adthos is committed to revolutionizing the way audio advertising is produced,” says Raoul Wedel, Adthos’s CEO. ” Our new feature is a game-changer, instantly unlocking the potential of audio advertising for anyone that can take a picture.”


Adthos Creative Studio’s latest feature is a thrilling enhancement for the self-service portal intended to speed up the creation of ads and introduce the effectiveness of AI to companies of any size. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a new business owner, everyone can use this feature to create engaging and dynamic audio advertisements that resonate with the target viewers.


The creators of Adthos have developed an introduction video for the new feature to help users better understand the possibilities. Anyone interested in experiencing the potential of this innovative feature can sign up for a free trial through the website.


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