The audio is chosen as the medium with the brightest future by advertising leaders.
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Voters at a recent advertising conference voted radio and audio as the brightest future medium.

Media360, an event on Brighton Pier, was attended by senior leaders of brands, media owners, and agencies. The event featured insight, inspiration, and a lively discussion on the most important issues affecting advertising and marketing.

The delegates included CEOs, marketing leaders and agency heads from some of the biggest brands in the world. They were all faced with the question: Which media has the best future?

The Media360 Challenge: Rising Stars Edition asked advertisers to decide where to spend their advertising dollars in 2023 and beyond. It was the closing session of this year’s conference and consisted of six short pitches from some of the industry’s most promising new talent.

The six mediums included: TV/VOD (Video on Demand), Outdoor, Radio/Audio/Cinema, Gaming/Metaverse and Events/Experiential.

George Butler, Bauer Media’s Director of Commercial Marketing, represented Radio/Audio. George Butler’s main message was: “With audio, you can tap into an amazing digital product combined with the trust, reach, and efficiency radio can provide.”

George brought in some familiar voices to win over the audience. Tyler West from KISS, Ken Bruce of Greatest Hits Radio, Fleur East, James Barr, and Hits Radio Breakfast were all featured.

Fleur reminded her audience that they could bring in “all the classic characteristics of radio advertising while customizing the creative and changing the sound for the time and location, along with digital targeting abilities,” Tyler reminded them that “radio hosts have a personal connection with each listener.”

Radio/Audio won the award for the best channel in the future, with 32% of all votes cast by advertising leaders.

Media360’s audience voted radio as their most trusted medium, followed by TV and publishing.

Rachel Forde, a former CEO of UM London, drew on her own experience to argue, based on research, that Europe’s most trustworthy media is radio. This platform is “regulated, and ads are cleared independently.”



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