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Tune into Success: The Unexplored Impact of Audio Branding

Although many business owners are aware of the importance of creating an appealing and visually distinctive brand, a lot of them have yet to realize the significance of their company’s audio; the sound of your brand plays a crucial role in attracting potential customers’ attention, like any logo, image or video. This means those not including sound in their marketing miss the chance to engage with the public.

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Julian Treasure Shares Audio Branding Strategies for Small Businesses on The Small Business Show

In this edition of The Small Business Show, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Julian Treasure, founder of The Sound Agency, Five-time TED Talk speaker and author of two titles, ” Sound Business” and ” How to be heard.” Treasure has been able to assist entrepreneurs all over the globe to improve their engagement and increase brand awareness by enhancing their communication skills and instilling the importance of using of using audio for branding. The company he runs, The Sound Agency, creates soundscapes for businesses that improve the experience of employees and customers. The present article outlines strategies to help small entrepreneurs develop their business skills.

Key Takeaways

  1. It is essential to include music compatible with the company’s visual branding. Mixing disparate audio and visual elements reduces the effectiveness of an organization’s marketing.
  2. Many companies only think about their sound business on infrequent occasions, like advertising.
  3. There are many audio elements that entrepreneurs must be aware of when creating their company’s sound. Calls to the phone, “sonic logos” such as the Intel jingle, Netflix’s drum beats, and office music are some sound elements.
  4. The first step in making audio work is to review the company’s existing audio elements.
  5. Telephones typically provide the least satisfactory business sound experience, which could further irritate those already unhappy customers.

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