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Music and culture created by LGBTQIA+ artists, from ballroom to EDM, drag to punk, has helped to shape and inspire our world.

Spotify is a platform that allows everyone to be Free To Be. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or which community you belong to.

We launched GLOW in January, a global program that celebrates and amplifies LGBTQIA+ creators and artists, to make sure queer creators are heard year-round. This includes Pride Month, an annual celebration of the LGBTQIA+ culture and achievements. It also raises awareness about issues and injustices and advocates for LGBTQIA+ right.

This Pride Month LGBTQIA+ and their allies can visit Spotify in 26 countries to explore a world of freedom and community. We’re celebrating queer voices and stories from around the globe through our GLOW platform spotlight and themed podcast playlists.

GLOW Support and Spotlights for Pride

We’re turning the volume up on our GLOW hub to kick-off Pride. We’re releasing local GLOW Playlists in Thailand, Israel and other countries in the Nordics.

As our GLOW spotlight artist, we will also feature Trixie Mattel, URIAS, and Dana International, all from the U.S. We will support them by featuring their work on the GLOW hub. There will also be a billboard on Times Square in New York City and interviews on For the Record.

In our GLOW playlist, fans can find stories recorded by Victoria Monet and TAAHLIAH. They will also hear from Zemmoa. Angie Oeh. Isak Danielson. Each creator discussed the importance of protecting and celebrating LGBTQIA+ subcultures and communities. We asked the queer U.S. group The Aces, and British DJ and Producer TAAHLIAH what Pride and GLOW meant to them.

In the past decade, there have been significant advances in LGBTQIA+ representation and rights. Why is it important to celebrate Pride?

TAAHLIAH : As a collective, we still have a lot of work to do. While acceptance is high amongst a few, most still view queerness negatively. We need to show that there are many ways of being, and not just the binary.

GLOW is Spotify’s campaign that’s always on and dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community. Why is it so important to support queer artists all year round and not just Pride Month?

The Aces: Queer visibility is important and should be celebrated and made accessible to all.

Podcasts on LGBTQIA+ themes for Pride

GLOW’s hub will also glow with the additions of podcasts, podcast playlists, and LGBTQIA+ guests and hosts. Listeners can now immerse themselves in the stories, experiences and knowledge of LGBTQIA+ host and guest. You can catch new episodes of the BBC Club and other podcasts that tell stories about underground LGBTQIA+ cultures.

Here are some podcasts that you should listen to during Pride Month, and beyond.

We said what we said with hosts Ricky Thompson and Denzel Dian

Longtime friends Rickey and Denzel share their bold advice, hot take, and risque storytelling on everything from pop culture, love, music, friendship, and sex. Listen to new podcast video episodes every Tuesday, exclusively on Spotify.

Jonathan Van Ness: Getting Curious

Join Jonathan, the co-host of Queer Eye and his expert guests as they explore everything and anything under the sun.

Tuck Woodstock and I need to talk about the New York Times

Tuck Woodstock, host of Gender Reveal, takes listeners through the New York Times coverage of trans issues. He concludes by pointing the way to a better future.

Sapphire Sandalo Sapphire Stories

Sapphire Sandalo is a queer Filipino American (Cebuano/Ilonggo occultist) on a mission. She wants to increase empathy and diversity in the paranormal and supernatural communities by sharing stories and interviews both from the Philippines as well as around the globe.

The Laverne Cox Show

The Laverne Cox Show presents intimate conversations each week with a variety of guests. These perspectives are meant to inspire us to adopt new behaviors, and in turn help us become the best version of ourselves.

Girlish – with Gage Adkins & Olivia Noel

Gage and Olivia, two trans women of colour in their 20s, have created a podcast to speak volumes. They discuss issues such as transphobia, coming-out in college, body dysphoria and what it is like to be trans in the 21st Century.

Spotify’s campaign

Start the Pride season by listening to our GLOW playlist.



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