Audio Stands Strong, Benefitting Health Brands

Audio’s Lasting Power in Health Branding

Audio is here to stay and is a good fit for health-related brands. Have I got your attention?

Let’s begin with this statement today: Consumers consume more than 1/3 of all their time listening to music – whether through streaming, podcast, or even broadcast. The number continues to grow.


Pharmaceutical and health advertising is using audio more in their media mix to reflect the consumer’s behavior, but far from the 9% seen in other sectors. We’ve witnessed a growth of 400% in audio usage from pharmaceutical partners across iHeart platforms, which indicates the growing use of audio in the media mix for pharma.

A recently released update of Dentsu’s attention economy research identified the extraordinary power of audio to impact crucial brand metrics:

  • 55% more attentive than social, digital, and TV norms
  • 41% recall of brands (vs. 38% in Dentsu norms)
  • 10 percent brand preference uplift (vs. 6 percent across Dentsu norms)


In light of this trend, The conversation has dramatically changed from why audio to how audio works. For you to get started, we’ve compiled a list of how the leading health companies are thriving by using audio:


  1. Audio is as attainable as the rest of Your Digital Media

From streaming audio, podcasts, and broadcast radio, pharma companies use their favorite third-party health data sets, such as Crossix, Swoop, and IQVIA, to tailor and apply information about the public. We do this in a scalable way across our audio platforms, regardless of where and when people are listening.


  1. Podcasts explore Health Topics and spark conversation

From original podcasts and themed podcast episodes, pharma companies realize that original content can enhance their brand’s image by diving deeper into the patient journeys and stories woven around them. The studio for branded content at iHeart, Ruby, has collaborated with health companies to produce chart-topping, impact-driven original podcasts, with 9 in 10 renewals for further seasons.


  1. Effective, Efficient, Innovative Creative

Audio creative is effective and powerful for pharma marketers. Be it branded or unbranded, listeners can be receptive to health-related messages through streaming audio ads. Research on the difference between TV and. audio-based creatives for a branded pharmaceutical campaign proved that audio is compelling in essential measures:

Perceptual barriers to the historial perception of pharma audio creative are also disappearing as 80% of Pharma campaigns iHeart produced in 2022 used brand-name audio accompanied by fair balance languages. Pharma audio creative is a possibility to be created and accomplished well.


  1. Trusted Influencers

In healthcare, reputable and influential people can assist in reaching out to patients. Influencers on audio are 2x more dependable than social media influencers, and with good reason. They’re journalists, professors, well-known doctors and therapists, and real-life people who grab the interest of millions of viewers daily. You can tap into the diverse network of thousands of local and national audio influencers from broadcast streaming, podcasts, social media, and more for real-time conversations about diseases and treatments. Since it is the most trusted channel that can help bridge the gap between doctors and patients while generating real change.


Why is Audio Now Important?

The call to action is the most commonly used CTA in pharmaceutical ads: “Talk to your doctor.” Audio can initiate essential conversations between patients, HCPs, and their caregivers and result in better patient results. Through audio, captivating imaginative, original storytelling, human-to-human connection, and crucial tracking and measurement, all work together to create the impact your business needs.


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