Modern Blueprint for Audio Advertising


Audacy’s latest release of its biannual thought-leadership program, State of Audio: Level Up, marks a significant stride in the realm of audio-based advertising. This modern guide, curated for advertisers, is designed to be a comprehensive resource, offering strategic insights, innovative how-to’s, and emerging trends.

As Audacy’s Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Suchman, highlights, audio is evolving into an indispensable medium for marketers. The guide acknowledges this transformation, emphasizing the potential of multi-platform audio. Advertisers are now adopting holistic media plans that seamlessly integrate radio, digital audio, and podcasts. This integration allows them to reach their target audiences with precision, yielding tangible results for their businesses.

Key takeaways from the guide underscore the effectiveness of audio advertising, garnering more than twice the interest of television and social media, all at more attractive CPMs. The synergy between audio and radio is emphasized, with multi-platform audio strategies proving to deliver 1.5 times the ROI compared to digital-only campaigns.

Surprisingly, the guide reveals that advertisers may be missing out on over $6 billion in revenue by not fully embracing total audio—striking a balance between traditional broadcasts and digital audio. Research conducted in collaboration with Audacy and Neustar underscores the potential growth that remains untapped in the audio advertising landscape.

The guide doesn’t just stop at insights; it goes on to provide actionable guidelines for creating efficient ads. The section titled “5 Ways the Best Audio Ads Can Overturn the Status Quo” offers specific strategies. Audacy emphasizes the importance of advertising on top-reach media like audio, emphasizing that while attracting the audience is crucial, retaining their attention requires exceptional creativity.

In a rapidly evolving advertising landscape, Audacy’s State of Audio: Level Up serves as a beacon, illuminating the path for advertisers to navigate the dynamic world of audio-based advertising successfully. As audio continues to establish itself as a dominant force, the guide stands as a valuable resource for advertisers aiming to optimize their strategies and capitalize on the growing opportunities in the audio advertising domain.

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