Enhancing Audio Ad Effectiveness: Embrace Conciseness



Audio Ad Effectiveness – Recent research from the UK delved into over 10,000 audio ads to unravel the impact of word count on their effectiveness. The findings underscore the potency of brevity in audio advertising, suggesting that trimming down word count could substantially amplify brand awareness and drive web traffic.


Key Insights

  • Even a marginal reduction of ten words in an audio ad could propel the Creative Standout score by 1%.
  • This reduction could also trigger a notable uptick of 0.25% in website traffic, indicating a robust link between audio ad impact and consumer engagement.


Research Collaborators


The study was a collaborative effort involving Audiotrack, Colourtext, and Radiocentre, and its insights are spotlighted on the Cumulus Media/Westwood One Audio Active Group blog.


Word Count Analysis

  • On average, UK audio commercials contain roughly 169 words per minute, with variations across industry sectors.
  • Sectors like food and drink hover around 150 words per minute, while financial services stretch to about 180 words per minute.
  • The analysis segmented word count into categories (medium, light, medium, and high), uncovering nuanced effects on campaign performance.


Impact on Campaign Performance

  • A mere 24-word increase in a 30-second ad script could yield a staggering 160,000 fewer web users, translating to a notable -27% decline in response.
  • Conversely, slashing 48 words from a 60-second ad could spur a 20% surge in Creative Standout and a significant 38% uptick in web visitors.


Expert Perspective

Christopher Smith, an advertising maven from Plot Twist Creative, advocates for a “less is more” ethos. He champions brevity, asserting that silence can wield as much influence as sound in crafting impactful ads.



The research underscores the imperative of embracing conciseness in audio ads to unlock their full potential. By adopting a streamlined and focused approach, advertisers can drive more impactful and resonant advertising campaigns.


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