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Veritonic Revolutionizes Advertising Insights with Brand Lift Measurement for Baked-In Audio Ads

Veronica, the industry-leading audio analytics and research platform, announced today that clients could measure the performance of embedded or “baked-in” ads through brand lift measurement following listener exposure to them. Veritonic’s market-leading brand lift solution does not rely on forced exposure approaches when measuring embedded ads – providing clients with transparent insight into the true impact of baked-in ads.


“Veritonic’s Brand Lift study allowed us to confirm our performance campaign was also helping improve brand metrics,” stated Thad Smith, Global Lead for Employer Brand at #Indeed.

Veritonic’s diverse approaches to audio measurement offer clients a significant competitive edge, allowing them to measure and gain actionable insights about baked-in ads, OTA campaigns, and low-impression campaigns more accurately and confidently than ever before.


“Veritonic’s Brand Lift study helped us confirm our performance campaign was also helping improve brand metrics,” according to Thad Smith, Global Lead, Employer Brand at Indeed. Their collaboration on methodology with our Brand Science and Growth team gave them confidence in their results, and they quickly moved forward with additional audio planning projects.

Veritonic’s audio measurement solutions, such as Brand Lift and Attribution, allow advertisers to utilize one pixel to assess full-funnel performance – including reach, impressions, CTA efficacy and more.


“As audio and podcast advertising environments continue to develop, advertisers must possess accurate measurement data to monitor the evolution of their audio strategies,” stated Scott Simonelli, Founder and CEO of Veritonic. Veritonic’s goal is to offer its clients the entire funnel, apples-to-apples measurements for all their audio endeavours, and baked-in audio ads’ actual exposure measurement being part of this commitment.


Veritonic’s audio data and analytics support the audio strategies of leading brands, agencies and platforms worldwide. To learn more about its advanced audio measurement capabilities, visit



Global brands, agencies, publishers and platforms trust Veritonic’s audio research and analytics platform to research, test and measure the return on audio assets and campaigns before, during, and after the campaign. Veronica provides insight that enables clients to gain confidence in their investment decisions, reduce risks through optimization strategies, and maximize return on engaging consumers with engaging audio experiences.


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