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Immerse and Influence: How Creative Audio Ads Reshape Listening

What’s the connection between weekend trips and road trip chores? The music we listen to or the audio that keeps us glued. In a streaming world, audio can create an intimate connection between the listener and the media they consume. For brands, audio can act as a trigger to start an authentic engagement that goes beyond just advertising and connects with listeners personally. Here’s how. Audio streaming transcends entertainment. It can connect listeners as they become immersed in the music and podcast they’re listening to. What’s the benefit for companies? Advertisers who can tap into this relationship correctly will benefit from the emotional impact of music in influencing the thoughts and emotions of those at the time.


For example, Adidas could advertise on a playlist of runners to get the listener involved during the run and encourage them to keep going while explaining that Ultraboost is a product with innovative features that could help enhance their performance or even surpass their performance.


Be relevant to the Zs.

The ease of use and flexibility of digital audio format have made it a part of people’s everyday lives, particularly for those of the digital-first generation. In a period where many people feel there’s an excessive amount of visual stimulus, podcasts, and audiobooks have quickly become popular.


Instead of a general ad that is distributed to all the people and is not targeted to specific segments of the population, an e-commerce company such as Flipkart might target specific products to particular parts of the population, for example, whether it’s a game that launches for gamers, or the hottest lipstick colors for beauty lovers. They could also do this when the gamer plays the PS or a beauty enthusiast roasts on the”#GRWM” (Get Ready With Me) playlist.


Engage in immersive storytelling.

Audio is a remarkably stimulating ‘theatre for the mind’ medium in which music, sound effects, and voices produce an immersive experience. It can create a mood that creates tension or suspense as well as make the listener feel an uplifting, happy air. It can also stir emotions or trigger memories.


It’s an excellent tool for banks to create compelling audio stories about accounts specifically for entrepreneurs just starting their first venture or insurance plans for parents just beginning their own family.

Audio is a great medium to explore combined media strategies and is the key to creating the best audio experience through an action strategy. Brands should think about collaborating with creative firms to break the code and design audio content that catches listeners’ attention and gives them the kind of experience they desire in terms of excitement, delight, and a sense of emotion in every word – all that enhances the enjoyment.


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