Successful Ad Campaigns Back Up Audacy's Multi-Funnel Audio Approach.
Image Source:- Inside Radio


Audacy’s most recent “State of Audio” report not only promotes streaming audio, radio and podcasts as a multi-purpose tool when it comes to generating awareness of advertisers as well as consideration and conversion but offers case studies that show the success of clients at every stage of the funnel to the consumer.


“Full-funnel audio – a triple threat of local broadcast radio as well as podcasts and digital streaming — fulfils every goal of marketing. There is no other platform that can be as effective,” Audacy Chief Marketing Officer Paul Suchman says in a guest column in The AdAge. “Full-funnel audio provides a fresh way of doing business. It is efficient, quantifiable and efficient and flexible. It also delivers through the buying process of a consumer.”

Audacy mentions the Instagram campaign “Discovering Our Identity,” targeted at the Gen Z generation, to illustrate a successful top-of-the-line awareness campaign that utilised targeted streaming audio and podcasts in which hosts discussed their own experiences with discovering their own identity. “Audacy’s hard-working media helped Instagram breakthrough–driving brand success, forging stronger connections with its target audience, and boosting awareness and affinity for the brand,” the report states.


Podcasts, radio and streaming were used to increase reach during a year-long “kick at the wheels’ middle funnel marketing campaign for Hyundai’s electric vehicles in 2022. The result was a 7.4-point increase in intent to buy and a 10.4-point improvement in satisfaction among female listeners. “With the help of radio stations nationwide, 29 podcast hosts, and a targeted digital campaign, we introduced Hyundai’s brand position to critical audiences in the market for a new car,” The report explains the use of segmentation with the key groups of people who live their lives to increase efficiency. “Brands shine when they don’t just pull one audio lever, but come to the table with a total audio strategy.”


For lower-funnel-focused ads that are designed to increase sales, an advertising campaign to promote New Balance’s TWO WXY v3 sneakers that were hosted by the Audacy Sports Podcast Network, which included reads from the producer and spots that featured Zach LaVine, the Chicago Bulls’ Zach LaVine and saw a substantial increase in online sales, which led to a return of 342% on the ad investment. “By leaning into Audacy’s audio platform, podcasting portfolio and sports talent, we had the opportunity to authentically connect and engage with listeners to drive desirability, consideration and ultimately sales for a new product line,” says Jacqueline Davis, media supervisor at New Balance agency Mediahub.


Suchman agrees that “New Balance’s growth is an opportunity to see audio’s powerhouse capabilities. AM/FM radio, podcasts and streaming audio are known winners in building awareness, driving purchase decision-making, forming preferences and making people take action. More than any other medium, it can move the needle through every process phase. If companies shift a percentage of their budgets for media to full-funnel audio, they’ll get the results in measurable ways.”




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