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Stingray Advertising and Loblaw Media Team Up to Launch Audio Ads in Loblaw Grocery Stores


“Our relationship with Loblaw Media significantly expands our in-store audio advertising network, opening up an exciting new avenue for advertisers to reach and connect with Loblaw grocery shoppers across Canada through Stingray technology,” said Eric Boyko, President, Co-founder and CEO at Stingray. “Our team is excited to prove the value of this new and exciting retail media channel to advertisers of all kinds and to make physical shops the upcoming major media channel. We hope to drive significant innovation in the Canadian media sector for retail.”


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This partnership was created to provide national retailers with audio inventory access in Loblaw stores as simply as possible while allowing flexibility. The brands can now incorporate audio in-store to their media omnichannel plans using Loblaw Media or explore a larger plan for a retail audio advertising network solely managed through Stingray Advertising.


“Recognizing our unique ability to connect brands and customers, we’ve been busy building an omnichannel retail media network over the last few years, with both online and in-store capabilities,” said Alfredo C.M. Tan, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Loblaw Media. “That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Stingray Advertising. In combining their audio expertise with our national chain of stores and brands, we’re improving the audio experience for both brands and customers.”


Leading the way in retail media in Canada and, now, thanks to the introduction of audio ads in-store, Loblaw Media continues to pioneer innovation, insisting on an omnichannel shopping experience. This is the first time advertisers can connect their brand’s message via in-store audio to millions of Loblaw customers as they make their product choices and create their baskets. In-store audio could inspire shoppers to discover new products, increase the size of baskets, or create excitement over the launch of new products and Optimum(TM) provides.


About Stingray

Stingray (TSX: RAY.A; RAY.B), A global media, music, and technology firm, is a leading provider of streaming, broadcasting, radio, business services, and advertising. Stingray provides a range of digital, music, and advertising services to prominent brands across the world, including music and video streaming channels, more than 100 radio stations, subscription-based video-on-demand content FAST channels, karaoke apps, and products for music as well as on-board and in-car entertainment content. Stingray Business, a division of Stingray, offers commercial solutions in music and advertising solutions for stores’ digital signage, as well as AI-driven consumer feedback and insights. Stingray Advertising is North America’s largest audio advertising network for retail, providing digital audio-based messages for more than 220 retail stores. Stingray has more than 1,000 employees globally, reaching more than 540 million customers across 160 countries. 


About Loblaw Media

Loblaw Media(tm) is the retail media platform of Canada’s largest food and pharmacy market leader, Loblaw Companies Limited. With more than 2,400 retail stores with 18 million+ customer relationships with PC OptimumTM and a renowned e-commerce business, Loblaw Media’s team of experts assists brands in loyalty, marketing, and business planning and information to help them achieve tangible sales growth. With its deep knowledge of Canadian customers and ability to connect with them via physical and digital platforms, Loblaw Media offers exclusive Omnichannel Marketing and Measurement solutions to its brands and its partners’ brands from outside. For more information, go to the website of Loblaw Media at


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