Spotify VS Apple Music Plans in 2023: Which is Better?


Technology has brought new problems to the table. And which is becoming a standard, Apple Music or Spotify? Both streaming services are extremely well-known, and this is among the elements that determine whether to choose one over the other. In this article, we will look at the costs for each service and the reasoning behind the subscription plans because it’s not only about the cost. It’s about what you’ll accomplish with the money you pay.


Same value under different conditions


Apple Music and Spotify start from two different positions, which are different. It is evident in the subscription plans and the services we get. However, beyond the functionality of both platforms, recommendations for music, and user experience, price is determined by various other significant elements. One of these accounts is sharing.


Sharing is alive and well, and Apple Music and Spotify allow account sharing. However, with Spotify, one crucial requirement is all in one place (literally). If, for instance, with Apple Music, we can share our subscription with as many as six persons, Spotify allows this but with the restriction on accommodation as a mandatory feature. 

So, here is the Spotify plan for subscriptions:


  • Personal: 9.99 Euro per month. Allows simultaneous playback.
  • Dual: 12.99 euros each month. This allows for two simultaneous reproductions in one verified address.
  • Family 15.99 EUR per month. This allows up to six simultaneous reproductions in the same verified address.
  • Student: 4.99 Euro per month. Allows simultaneous playback.


Duo and Family plans require every member to verify that their address is correct, and the location of their connection will be scrutinized to ensure that we’re not being scammed so that we can continue using the service. However, Spotify has something that Apple still needs: a free-use plan. This option, even though it comes with limitations, such as advertisements, being unable to perform certain actions on mobile devices, and not being able to download music, lets us access all the music catalogues without cost. I’m not going to use it if I don’t.


In its own way, Apple is more restrictive regarding this issue. We will be able to use Apple Music only after starting the subscription. Even though they provide free months as a promotional offer from time to time, there is no cost-free plan to access the service. However, We do not have to share our address with the individuals we share the account. 


Therefore the Apple Music subscription plans are in the following order:


  • Voice 4.99 Euros per month. The focus shifted to using Siri or the HomePod. There is no accessibility to the user interface or playlists or capable of saving or downloading our music.
  • Student 5.99 EUR each month. Allows simultaneous playback of singles.
  • Personal 10.99 euros each month. Allows simultaneous playback of singles.
  • Familie: 16.99 EUR monthly. This allows up to six simultaneous reproductions without confirming the location of connections or addresses.

As you can see, Apple Music prices are slightly more expensive than Spotify’s. In return, we have the option of sharing accounts with those who are not living with us. Thus, drastically reducing the cost of the subscription. The limitations and restrictions of one offer benefits over the others.




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