Spotify Expands Analytics Gain a 360° View of Your Audience

Spotify extends its analytics to offer ‘a 360-degree view of your target audience.’

The time Spotify For Artists deleted older information from its archives last month, they claimed they did this to create room for the new features, and the recently launched Audience Segmentation features delivers on their promise.


A new tab called Segments within Spotify for Artists divides each artist’s listeners into categories.

  • Before that, present: “Listeners in this audience were in your active audience in the past two years. However, they haven’t broadcast your content in the last two weeks.”
  • Programmed Audience: “These listeners haven’t actively streamed your music in the last two years. They are likely to have streamed music through programmatic sources such as editorial playlists, personal playlists (like Discover Weekly, mixes customized editorial playlists, etc. ), and Radio & Autoplay or playlists created by different listeners at minimum in the last two years.”
  • Affiliated audience: “These are valuable listeners who have streamed your songs in the last 28 days using active sources, which include your artist profile albums, release websites, and their playlists and libraries. :
  • Super Listeners: “These are your most active listeners in the last 28 days. They are also the ones most likely to continue playing your tunes.”
  • Moderate listeners: “These are active listeners who have streamed your music multiple times in the last 28 days. Although they’re not as engaged often as super listeners, they can still develop as super listeners.”
  • Light listeners: “The last segment is composed of listeners who have streamed music a few times or twice in the last 28 days. They may become mild listeners.”


Engaging Active Listeners Is Essential, But How?

Spotify has also revealed that active listeners comprise 33% of the audience, yet they makeup around 60% of the streams and 80percent % of the merch sales on Spotify.



It is crucial to interact with these super listeners and keep them in the active listening community. This means regular releases and strategies such as remixes because Spotify doesn’t know who these listeners are or offers a way to contact them directly.


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