Podcast Advertising- The next Big thing


Podcasts are becoming a part of daily lifestyle and have gained popularity. Being easily accessible, convenient for consumption and versatile; keeps it running in trend. Podcasts cover a vast variety of topics or genres and have a collection of content for individual tastes, providing the freedom of choosing according to one’s preferences that resonates with them and are liked by a wide variety of audiences. 


Podcasts percolate into the mind of the listener easily as they are explained in depth and presented in comprehensive form and provide a good understanding of the topic. In order to put forth the importance and craze of podcasts it should be mentioned that 75% of total podcast listeners are in the 18 to 42 years range making it well-liked among the fresh and receptive audience communities, who can make quick decisions resulting in increased CTA(Call To Action) responses. 


Initially, advertising in podcasts started at a slow pace but In 2019-20 it faced a huge expansion. In recent years, podcasts are warmly welcomed by the content consumer of India, one of the most visited podcast channels is The Ranveer Show hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia whose 74.22% audience is from India. Podcast advertising is generally ads of 30 Seconds comprising a brand message; for some, it may be an announcement about a product launch or new compelling offers or coupons, for others it may influence to take a subscription or register for a course. The basic agenda of these quick crisp ads is to build up a connection, provide social reach and highlight the brands in the eye of clients and audiences.  


Why are advertisers turning their heads towards Podcast Advertising? 


As the interest in podcasts is increasing, advertisers are utilizing this platform to achieve new milestones and take their brands to the next level. Podcast Advertising is proved to be fruitful as it works through a set demographic analysis, even set Contexts targeting the audience according to their interest, what age group they are in, listening habits, context of the content they are listening to and preferences. Advertisers must choose a relevant podcast genre and context that complements with their brand idea contextually e.g. Advertise Laptops to listeners of Tech Podcasts or computer-related podcasts.. 


The podcast advertising plays a crucial role in enhancing the social reach of an established brand among a wide range of onlookers. Podcasts listeners are engaged and pay attention to what they are hearing. This leads to a better scale of impression resulting in a high Ad completion rate or LTR(Listen Through Rate). Placing ads in a well-known and followed podcast channel works well, people are more likely to believe and receive the information positively. The ad presentation plays a crucial role in delivering the exact message to the audience. Podcast advertisements are cost-effective and cause less irritation to the audience as the frequency is set accordingly. Listeners are not bombarded with lots of ads and they are okay with seeing ads in between their favorite podcasts as this allows them to access podcasts for free without any subscription. 


After understanding the concept and internal characteristics of Podcast Advertising;If one is picking it as their marketing strategy they must choose a budget-friendly and trustworthy platform that makes the placement of ads easy, and for that purpose; PayTunes being the oracle of programmatic audio ads make it a  easy for brand to locate and approach their future clients. It has a set of tried and tested high-frequency campaigns performed in order to generate the utmost results, elevating the revenue stats. Advertisers can also track how listeners are reciprocating with the ads, keeping an eye on the impressions. Reaching out to spectators has been made easy by utilizing lucrative Podcast Advertising which is seemingly boundless. 

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