Introducing GainAds: Otonal’s Innovative Approach to Audio Advertising in Mobile Games

Otonal Inc., a leading Japanese audio advertising specialist agency, has unveiled GainAds, a groundbreaking product designed to seamlessly integrate audio ads into mobile games. Partnering with Odeeo, the world’s premier in-game audio advertising platform boasting integration in over a thousand games, Otonal aims to tap into Japan’s thriving gaming market.

Japan stands as the third-largest gaming market globally, with a staggering 65% of mobile gamers indulging in gaming daily and 92% weekly. With GainAds, Otonal empowers advertisers to engage with this vast and highly active gaming community through a fresh avenue.

Leveraging Odeeo’s game-based solution, GainAds offers advertisers a clickable, high-engagement audio unit that outperforms traditional streaming audio and podcasts. These non-intrusive ad units seamlessly blend with gameplay, ensuring an enhanced advertising experience for gamers while providing advertisers with robust measurement metrics to gauge impact.

Amit Monheit, Director of Odeeo, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, recognizing Japan’s position as a cutting-edge gaming market and the opportunity to connect advertisers with its sophisticated gamers.

Taisuke Yagi, CEO of Otonal, emphasized the novelty of audio advertising within the Japanese gaming sphere, highlighting the company’s commitment to revolutionizing Japan’s audio marketing landscape.

About Otonal Inc., the digital voice-based advertising pioneer in Japan, dedicated to shaping the voice advertising market through innovative solutions. With a track record of over 1,500 voice-based advertisements and 500 advertiser optimizations, Otonal provides comprehensive support for voice marketing endeavours, including data-driven ad design, content creation, delivery, and reporting.

By pioneering voice ads and supporting digital audio content across various platforms, Otonal is spearheading the development of a dynamic voice-based marketing ecosystem in Japan.

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