Lucknow Metro Advertising


Lucknow Metro Advertising 

If you as an advertiser looking to engage commuters through sound-based advertisements then, you have landed on the right place as you are going to learn about Lucknow Metro Advertising. 

Metro train sets a perfect ambience for advertisers who want a captive audience to hear the brand message. People travelling with the Lucknow metro trains are from diverse backgrounds. Hence, to increase the brand visibility advertisers/ marketers should consider Lucknow Metro Audio advertising. 

Why AUDIO Advertising and NOT Hoardings?

Well, you can advertise in metro trains through various mediums like Train Wraps, Inside Train Panels, Station Boards, Pillar Branding, Digital Displays, Ticket Gate Branding, Escalator & Elevator Branding and Platform Posters. 

But somehow we all have developed an ability to ignore the billboards or hoardings if the ad creative is not creative enough!

However, the sound is known to hit our subconscious mind and one can’t ignore an audio advertisement in the public area. 

Just imagine people are travelling through Lucknow Metro Train and they suddenly hear an interesting ad creative with catchy jungle on the speakers. Sounds interesting right?

Types of Lucknow Metro Audio Advertising

With its growing popularity and expanding reach, audio advertising offers an effective way to connect with the diverse audience travelling on the Lucknow Metro:

  • In-Train Announcements: Utilize pre-recorded announcements played inside metro carriages.
  • Station Announcements: Incorporate audio advertisements into the announcements made at metro stations, ensuring exposure to commuters waiting on platforms.


Choose PayTunes as Your Lucknow Metro Audio Advertising Agency

The best audio advertising agency in India is PayTunes. They oversee a wide variety of audio advertisements, including those for Wynk, Jio Saavn, Spotify, podcasts, and in-game audio, among many more services.

PayTunes is well-versed in the Lucknow Metro stations and network demographics when it comes to metro advertising. They assist you in creating audio creatives for advertisements that target particular geographic groupings and appeal to the local audience. 

In addition, technical and legal expertise is needed to manage advertising campaigns in Lucknow Metro.  PayTunes takes care of all the transactions, so you can concentrate on what really important. 

PayTunes also guarantees excellent audio quality. Expert producers and composers collaborate to produce audio content of the highest calibre with the goal of making a significant impression on your target audience. 


Demo of In Train ADs in Metro




Still in Doubt? Talk to Our Expert Team

Our team of professionals will assist you in understanding the entire metro train audio advertisement process for your company. It will be easier for you to understand what to anticipate from the PayTunes-created marketing campaign that is customised to meet your requirements. 


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