Welcome to the LIC Jeevan Umang Audio Ad Campaign, brought to you by Paytunes Audio Advertising. In this captivating audio ad, we invite you to discover a life-changing opportunity to give your dreams lifetime protection. LIC Jeevan Umang, offers guaranteed annual survival benefits until the remarkable age of 99, along with lump sum maturity benefits at the age of 100. Set to the backdrop of an inspiring background song, the background narrator enlightens the audience about the incredible features of LIC Jeevan Umang. This audio ad campaign aims to reach audiences through popular platforms like Spotify, Gaana, Jio Saavn, and many more.

Whether you’re an individual seeking financial security or a family looking for a comprehensive life insurance solution, LIC Jeevan Umang offers a promising way to safeguard your dreams. However, they urge you to make an informed decision by reading the sales brochure carefully to understand the risk factors and terms and conditions involved before concluding the sale.

The audio ad campaign seems to strike a balance between delivering a compelling message and providing the necessary details to pique the listener’s interest. The soothing tone, smooth fluency, and relevant details work together to create an engaging and informative audio experience for the target audience.

The campaign achieved a CTR of 3.98%. This metric indicates the percentage of viewers who clicked on the ad after seeing or hearing it. A CTR of 3.98% suggests that the ad effectively captured the attention of the audience and enticed them to take action by clicking on the ad to learn more or explore further. The campaign also achieved an impressive Listen-Through Rate of 93.98%. A high LTR indicates that the ad successfully engaged the audience and maintained their interest throughout its duration. This suggests that the audio ad content, including the background song and narrator, resonated with the listeners, keeping them engaged and attentive.

The LIC Jeevan Umang Audio Ad Campaign delivered impressive results. With a high listen-through rate of 93.98% and a moderate click-through rate of 3.98%, the campaign successfully engaged the audience and prompted a significant number of viewers to take action. By highlighting the key features of the LIC Jeevan Umang life insurance policy, the campaign effectively conveyed its message and generated interest among the listeners.

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