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Are Audio Streaming Platforms in Your Marketing Mix? They Should Be

Take a stroll through any large city in the world. Look at the people that you see. You’re likely to see more people wearing headphones and earphones in various shapes and sizes than not.

Most people will listen to audio streaming platforms, whether they are consuming podcasts or music.

Spotify’s 500-plus million users will spend over 132 billion hours streaming audio in 2022.

That’s only Spotify. Add in other platforms like Mdundo or Audiomack, and the numbers are astronomical. Africa is not immune from the popularity of streaming music.

The growth of audio streaming on the continent is not just an opportunity for streaming platforms and artists. This is a great opportunity for brands and artists to reach their audiences innovatively and creatively.

Personalization, engagement, and reach

It’s important to look at audio streaming platforms’ benefits before deciding how brands can take advantage of them.

Advertising on audio streaming platforms is a great way to reach your customers, wherever they may be and whatever they might be doing.

Audio streaming is not limited to the home or vehicle. It can be used while commuting, exercising, or just strolling.

It’s important to meet customers wherever they are. This is a strong reason for audio streaming marketing.

Ads on audio streaming platforms are also more engaging. Audio is more engaging than video because there are fewer screen distractions.

Research shows that digital audio listeners enjoy a superior listening experience to radio broadcasts, with greater emotional intensity, memorability, and engagement.

Audio streaming ads are highly personalized according to listener interests, increasing engagement. This can be refined further by location and age so that only the most relevant ads are heard.

Finding the right partner

Audio streaming platforms can offer a great deal from a marketing perspective. They are a great addition to the marketing mix of any business.

If you want to make the most of audio-streaming advertising, it is important that you choose the right partner.

The ideal would be to find a partner with extensive experience in streaming platforms that are relevant to your customers. They should also be able to help you create the most effective content for those platforms.

Understanding the different ad formats available, regardless of where you advertise, is important.

Audio ads are one type but can also include video takeovers and sponsored sessions.

Even though audio is the most important component of any streaming platform, you should remember that people will still need to scroll through the app to find the content they seek. All of these formats, when combined effectively, can ensure that your marketing message is delivered with maximum impact.

Listening is a passion.

Audio streaming services are a huge part of media consumption in Africa and around the globe. As connectivity becomes more affordable and ubiquitous, this role will increase.

Marketing opportunities are available to businesses that want to reach their customers wherever they are.

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