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“Awareness” is the name of the game. If marketers seek to grab consumers’ attention today in a constantly changing world, traditional marketing methods will do the trick. A particular industry has changed the game, being quick to adjust to radical shifts in the expectations of consumers, and is altering how we view marketing as we have it. We’re talking about gaming.

Today’s gamer has an increasing influence on society, creating new opportunities for publishers, brand creators, and communities to connect with their customers. We spoke to Rema Vasan, director of business marketing for global gaming at TikTok, to shed some light on how games have become such a popular phenomenon and what it means for what the future holds for marketing.

So, what exactly does a “modern gamer’ look like? Or is it too large for the question?

When we speak of gamers in the present, we’re breaking free of the stereotypes people think of. In reality, everyone is a fan of gaming in their manner. The idea of being a “modern gamer’ transcends any one specific definition or image since gaming has become an integral part of popular entertainment.

Gaming isn’t only a pastime anymore; it has transformed into the fastest-growing form of entertainment in the world. As per the IAB, Gaming is a third-place option after TV and social media regarding how people spend their leisure time. Gaming has become popular, where people gather to express their creativity and build lively communities.

To answer this question, the modern gamer’ comprises more than three billion gamers across the globe, and there is no single model because it is such an integral component of the global cultural and entertainment scene and brings new opportunities for brands creators, publishers and communities to engage with their fans in a highly interactive and relevant manner.

And TikTok is witness to this change. How do users express themselves through the platform?

Based on the study of culture that is the basis of TikTok’s 2023: What’s Next Trend Report, we can see that the new generation of gamers and fans are looking for more engaging and interactive entertainment. They are actively seeking opportunities to interact in a way perfect for the gaming community’s desire for interactive experiences.

On TikTok, gaming isn’t solely about the game; it’s all about the ecosystem surrounding it. Gamers engage in new trends and challenges, creating unique variations and interpretations, showing their creative spirit and competitiveness while showing their affection for their preferred gaming IP.

This isn’t only about playing but making it a part of the culture. Would you tell me more about this?


A lot of people are finding games by combining their passions. This is evident on TikTok and other social media platforms, where we can see cross-overs between gamers and various content and communities. Suppose it’s a #FilmTok artist creating films from games, a creator of #TravelTok sharing their games in the car, or even an #FoodTok creator turning our most loved game characters and icons into tasty treats. In that case, These communities can spark a sense of connection and ignite new interest in or at the intersection of different communities.

Gamer culture in TikTok does not exist in an isolated space. It’s a place where diverse interests collide, and gamers come together to make the most of their favourite games. The creators of TikTok from every sphere of existence are bringing people together to explore and engage in games with various forms of entertainment every day.

What does this affect what the future holds for marketing?

First, introducing gaming culture as mainstream entertainment indicates that gaming has become an important force that marketers can’t ignore. It’s not about focusing on gamers as a niche market. It’s about understanding the wider reach and involvement that gaming culture can provide.

In aligning their strategy for advertising to the interests and values of the various gaming communities, Brands can reach different audience members in ways that traditional advertising methods can’t.

What suggestions would you provide for brands to improve their marketing?

To improve their game marketing, brands must consider the following suggestions:

Accept authenticity: they are adamant about authenticity over all other things. Most TikTok Gamers who purchase based on TikTok content are influenced by brand authenticity. Brands must take the time to learn about the gaming culture and develop content that is a hit with users to create trust and build meaningful connections.

Develop value: players enjoy content that improves gamers’ gaming experiences. Brands should concentrate on delivering quality and entertaining content beyond traditional advertising. This could be videos, behind-the-scenes information, exclusive rewards in games, and interactive activities that strengthen connections with its gamers. By providing value and value, brands can make themselves known as trustworthy sources and partners.

Connect with community members: actively interact with gamers from gaming communities, like collaborating with creators of games through TikTok. Regarding TikTok users who have taken action off the platform because of TikTok, 67% said the authenticity of the creator is important in deciding or making the purchase. *Creators know the needs of their customers and communicate with their users by encouraging users to contribute content and allowing users to show off their talents. This creates an atmosphere of community and loyalty to the brand.

By focusing on authenticity, offering quality, and being involved in the gaming community, brands can enhance their gaming marketing and connect effectively with enthusiastic and vast gaming communities.

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