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Unlocking the World of Audiobooks on Spotify


Spotify audiobooks are available. Take a look at Spotify’s Spotify app and discover many audiobooks available to listen to, which include the free ones. With music and podcasts adequately covered, Spotify has almost every category of audio content available.


Similar to podcasts that were added in 2015, Spotify has been working hard to integrate audiobooks into their app interfaces as smoothly as possible. You can browse and search for audiobooks in particular as well as separately. They’re stored in their category within your Spotify library after you’ve purchased and downloaded them.


There are a few common tools that you can use as you begin listening. You can listen offline, mark your spot, and change the speed of playback through your Spotify app. There are now reports that Spotify may, shortly, begin offering audiobooks for free to its subscribers as a way to compete with Audible.


Audiobooks were made available on Spotify in the US for US customers in September 2022. They then became available to users in countries like the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand in November 2022 and then to Canada by March 20, 2023. Presently, Spotify audiobooks aren’t available through Spotify’s streaming services in other regions.


According to Spotify, customers have been making requests for audiobooks for a long time, and more than 300,000 titles were released in the beginning. In one year, it increased to 350,000 titles, which means there’s new content constantly added. Spotify promises more features and functions will be coming soon.


“We’ve been experimenting, studying and listening to find out how we can create the best experience for users on Spotify,” said Nir Zicherman, Spotify’s Vice-President and Global Director for Audiobooks as well as Gated Content at the time that Spotify audiobooks were launched.


“Our goal is to ensure that those who can access audiobooks through their apps today will be satisfied with the user experience. is evident – that audiobooks are a perfect fit with the way they use Spotify.”


What is the cost of audiobooks for Spotify cost?

There are audiobooks available at all price ranges in the Spotify platform, beginning at free, and you’re able to select and pick based on your spending budget. Be aware that purchasing audiobooks operates independently of the Spotify Premium subscription. These audiobooks are one-time purchases that are treated separately, regardless of whether you pay Spotify monthly fees.

It’s the situation at present. According to a new Wall Street Journal report, Spotify is planning to give subscribers a free evaluation of the audiobook “in the next few months.” We’ll keep an eye on it with a keen interest.


In the meantime, until this (potentially) occurs and it’s possible that the Premium Spotify subscribers aren’t given a monthly amount of credits for audiobooks like you do in Amazon’s Audible (though when you subscribe to Audible when you end your subscription, you will be unable to access your account). Purchases are made independently of any family or Duo subscriptions shared by the same user as well. All audiobook purchases are kept private and aren’t shared among the users.


When it comes to US currencies, audiobooks that are paid for begin at a mere couple of dollars and can reach up to $40 (that’s approximately PS32 or AU$62). Prices can fluctuate. Special offers are changing, and if you’ve got an eye on a certain audiobook, then we suggest you wait several weeks to determine whether you can find it at a lower cost.


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Where can I purchase audiobooks from Spotify?

Start Spotify. Open the Spotify app on your smartphone or desktop devices or the web, and you’ll be able to see an Audiobook hyperlink that’s quite prominently (usually on the top). It’s likely to be in the middle of Music and podcast shows, which means you can quickly find the type of content you’re looking for.

You can also utilize the search function like you normally do to search for audiobooks. You can look for specific genres or titles when you type in your search; you’ll see the Audiobooks Filter button pop up that will narrow your search results.

The thousands of audiobooks available on Spotify include all sorts of genres and categories and genres, so you’ll be able to locate many titles that fit your reading preferences. After you’ve purchased, you’ll receive recommendations from Spotify regarding what else to listen to.

Click or tap the audiobook to view more details about it, including an overview, user reviews and ratings, the price and the duration, and who is the one who narrates the book. Audiobooks can be added to your library even before you’ve bought the book.

Choose Buy or Get to download an audiobook and then, if needed, buy the book. The purchase process is always done on the internet, so when you’re on the mobile or desktop apps, you’ll be taken to a page where you can input your payment information.

Once you’ve completed that process, the title is added to your library, and it’s available to listen to. All titles that you have saved for your library that have yet to be purchased will display the padlock icon beside them. This icon disappears once you buy the book through Spotify.

When you buy books on audio, Spotify will default to the payment method you’ve utilized before or are using to pay for your subscription; however, you can alter this option if you want to. You will also receive an email with confirmation of each purchase of audiobooks.


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Does Spotify provide free audiobooks?

At present, there’s an assortment of audiobooks for free on Spotify, which means you can get started listening without any cost. It’s important to note that each audiobook comes with an unpaid preview that you can listen to, accessible on individual listing pages. There’s the free audiobooks section on the homepage page of the Spotify app; however, should you not, you can look on the internet for “free audiobooks” also.

So far as we can discern, based on the lists that include “best audiobooks for free on Spotify audiobooks,” which people have shared online, the choice of free audiobooks differs by country and also over time. It’s also an excellent idea to check the Spotify app or search for specific titles to determine the titles that are available for free.


The procedure for adding a free audiobook to your library follows the same procedure as when you buy an audiobook through Spotify. Still, there are no payment details to provide, and no money moves hands. The new book will be accessible in the section for audiobooks in your library.

There’s a growing suspicion that Spotify will soon begin offering more free audiobooks to its subscribers through an experiment that will be offered for a brief duration. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal report on September 7, although no official announcement has been made at this point – and it’s still being determined when the program will begin. We’ve contacted Spotify to inquire about details and will update this post as soon as we hear back.

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