75% of Consumers Say Podcasts Can Be Audio or Video

In a poll of 1,000 15-64-year-old podcast listeners within the U.S., 75% believe that a podcast should be described in terms of “audio-only or available with video,” 22% of respondents say that a podcast can be described as “audio-only,” while 3 per cent define the term “podcast” in terms of “video-only.” This information is among several surprising results from the latest study on the impact of YouTube on the world of podcasts from media research company Coleman Insights and podcast consultancy Amplifi Media.

Coleman Insights Vice President/Consultant Jay Nachlis and Amplifi Media Founder/CEO Steve Goldstein will present the results of the study entitled “The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube” during the conference’s keynote event in the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center on Thursday, August 24, at 8:30 am.

According to Nachlis, the shifting definition of podcasts is even more striking when you look at the users of particular platforms. “It’s not just YouTube podcast users that are warm to calling a video a podcast. Our study finds more than two-thirds of Spotify and Apple users feel the same way.”

Another study disproves the belief that most users have one place to go for their podcasts. It found that 72% of users use several apps. However, there is a distinct structure of leadership. Goldstein states, “While most podcast consumers use more than one app, three-quarters prefer one of the big three – Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.”

Most podcast listeners (75%) see podcasts as either audio or video. Additionally, 72% of users utilize multiple apps, but the majority favor big platforms like Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. These insights are part of a study titled ‘The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube’ presented by Coleman Insights and Amplifi Media during a conference keynote event.

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