Spotify Premium Plan Prices to Rise in the US

Alert: Spotify Premium Prices Rising in the US!

Spotify is no longer one of the only streaming music service providers in the US that has not increased its subscription cost. Nearly every other player on the market has increased their prices over the past few years or less, but Spotify gained from the increasing numbers of customers who decided to change their services. But it wasn’t for very long, and Spotify is also planning to raise prices.

According to a report in the WSJ article, Spotify plans to increase the cost of monthly subscriptions within the US by $1. That means the price of the advertising-free $9.99 plan will increase to $10.99 monthly in the United States. Spotify is expected to announce the change within the next week, but it will only be to those in the US market. The downside is that price increases are expected to be announced for other markets over the next few weeks, though the exact date and time when these changes will be made is still being determined. Spotify has kept the cost of its premium plans at its $9.99 level for a long time; however, that’s set to change for users who reside in the US.

At present, Spotify offers a free, ad-supported subscription that gives access to over 80 million tracks, audiobooks, podcasts, and songs and podcasts available for download. It also gives you the option to take the music with you on travels across the world (for fourteen days) and the ability to play any song on your mobile devices (select songs only).

The Premium plan costs $9.99 and does not come with restrictions like the free program. In addition, the Premium plan allows users to download podcasts and music, play songs regardless of order, and enjoy the best quality music. Of course, no advertisements will run when listening to Spotify when you’re subscribed to Premium.

Students can enjoy 50 per cent off Premium for as long as four years. Premium Duo allows two people living together to create an account with Premium at only one cost. The Premium Family plan covers up to 6 members living together, each with a report on Premium at one discount. The Family plan also comes with Spotify Kids and an explicit filter.


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