Adthos Uses AI To Create Fully Produced Audio Ads From A Picture

AI Audio platform Adthos has announced a new feature that utilizes AI technology to transform the image into a fully-produced audio-based ad.

The latest development, according to the company, “users can now create an entire audio ad by uploading a photo like a product image billboard advertisement, or an image of the storefront. This revolutionary feature uses the most recent AI technology to analyze the visual elements of an engaging script, before selecting the most appropriate AI voices along with music and sound effects to produce a professionally-produced audio advertisement.”

The platform makes use of AI to analyze the contents of images and identify brands, slogan designs, styles, target markets, and many more to compose an imaginative brief. Based on the creative brief, the script for an advertisement is written with music, voice, and sounds selected and then mixed in just a few minutes.

“Adthos is committed to revolutionizing the way audio advertising is produced,” states Raoul Wedel, Adthos CEO. “Our new feature is a game-changer, instantly unlocking the potential of audio advertising for anyone that can take a picture.”

Adthos Creative Studio’s newest feature is an enhancement to the Self-Service portal “designed to streamline the ad creation process and bring the power of AI to businesses of all sizes.”

The developers of Adthos have developed an intro video of the new feature that will provide more information about the possibilities. Anyone interested in experiencing the potential of this feature can apply for a no-cost trial through the website.


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