Spotify features

Music is a universal language, and people should have it at their fingertips without paying for data or subscribing monthly.

Spotify’s Free Tier offers the same high-quality listening experience for which the platform is known.

It is available without a monthly subscription.

Spotify is all about personalization. We curate music based on your listening habits. The more you listen to it, the more you set the tone.

Here are some features that you should not miss, whether you’re on Spotify Premium or Free Tier:

1). Made For You

Spotify’s “Made For You feature” allows users to access playlists created specifically for them and updated regularly. Users can find songs that they may like in playlists organized by genre, artist, or mood. These playlists are based on a user’s listening habits, including tracks they save, skip, or repeat on the app.

2). Discover Weekly

Spotify has an algorithm-based playlist called “Discover Weekly.” This playlist comprises 30 songs which a user may have yet to hear. Spotify updates this playlist every Monday. Discover Weekly is a playlist that caters to music lovers by offering a wide range of artists. It helps them discover new artists, genres, or songs. The more you use this playlist, the more it becomes tailored to your taste.

3). Daily Mix

It’s like a friend buying you the things you want to know about. The platform offers up to six personalized playlists based on your favourite songs and other music that may interest you. Each playlist can be as varied as the user’s listening preferences. This playlist is updated daily, as the name implies.

4). Release Radar

Around the globe, Fridays are a popular day for music releases. Spotify has created a playlist to cater to this. These are the latest releases by artists you follow. This helps music fans stay up-to-date with the latest releases by artists they love.

5). Spotify Radio

You may have enjoyed a particular song and wished you could listen to similar music without physically searching. Spotify Radio does just that. Spotify Radio is a playlist created using songs, albums, and artists you choose on Spotify. It helps you discover very similar songs to the song you selected. The compilation comprises about 50 tracks that follow the mood or style of the song you initially chose.


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