What Is PayTunes?

Paytunes is the only audio DSP that provides

A programmatic audio advertising platform with our own DSP.

A one stop solution for advertising on All Indian andInternational Music Apps & Podcasts.

Fastest growing digital audio advertising company in India.

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Future-Proof Platform

Target Audience without wasting resources

An evolved user experience that drives performance across channels with ease.

Listen through rate of audio advertisement

Good LTR

To target ad campaigns to specific locations, you can use Pin-code/Zip-code based geofencing. You can target individuals or people who live in specific locations. When people are at a certain location, it can help your product or brand communicate personalized offerings.

Audio advertisement heard by user

Unique Users

In audio advertising an impression is when a user gets in contact with your advertisement or ad and is recorded every time your audio ad has been heard by a listener.

pincode targeting helps companies to target their audio advertisement

Pincode Targeting

One option that helps companies target their ads. Rather than targeting large markets and demographics that are not interested in their product or brand, companies can use geofencing to target specific geographic locations during a specific time. You can target any person who is either actively at a determined location or has passed through the location in the past 30 days.

Boost your business with the tools which deliver the best digital audio experience.

We not only know how to create dynamic, effective audio advertising for your business, we know exactly how to place it so that it reaches your target audience at the right times for the lowest cost and optimum profit potential.

Developing strategies with the understanding of all facets.

Expert production of your ad campaign.

Data-driven solutions in place to measure top, middleand bottom of funnel response.

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Audio Advertisement

What is Audio Advertising

Audio advertising is a form of digital advertising that utilizes sound to promote products, services, or brands. It involves creating and placing audio ads on various platforms like music streaming services, podcasts, or In Game. The purpose is to capture the audience's attention, deliver an impactful message, and motivate them to take action. Audio ads can be personalized, targeted, and delivered seamlessly for an unforgettable and engaging experience for listeners.

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Don’t have audio ads?

We will create them for you.

Whether you need help producing a winning ad, identifying the most profitable channels, analyzing trends based on trackable data —you’ll find it all at PayTunes.

Reach target demo through strategies.

Authentic endorsements paired with dedicated listeners.

Utilize streaming platforms to reach the audience.

Our team will recommend the most effective media strategy.

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Choose the right voice for your audio advertising.
Podcast Advertisement

Get the most out of

Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising presents businesses with an unparalleled chance to reach a highly engaged audience. To maximize success, identify podcasts that align with your brand and target audience. Then create engaging ads that fit naturally within the format, using unique calls-to-action that will drive conversions. Partnering with an established podcast advertising agency like PayTunes can help businesses maximize their ROI by providing expert guidance on targeting, creative development, and ad placement.


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